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Cupcakes!, 527 Maple Avenue W. in Vienna

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I think I have found my favorite cupcakes place in Virginia, finally. How it happens to be near my pie shop too (Pie Gourmet), I am not sure. In the same shopping center there is now, this place, Italian Gourmet, Pie Gourmet, a future bakery/cafe soon-to-open, and Molly's Yogurt (gelato and froyo owned by IG folks).

At the corner of Nutley and Maple Avenues, the little stairs beckon you in the plain-looking plaza, greeted by a glittery, pink cupcakes sign pointing you up.

Right now, there are only 6 flavors: key lime, red velvet, vanilla, vanilla chocolate, coconut, and german chocolate. It is, to me, still a bit pricey, but comparable for this area at $2.95 a piece.

However, it is by far, the most moist little cake I have had for area "cupcakeries." I tried the vanilla with the little man, and you can opt for free sprinkles on top of your cupcake (as he did), which hit the spot, on this semi-fluffy treat with a slight lemon-y flavor, and soft, creamy frosting. A friend tried the vanilla chocolate and she concurred on how good the cake was, while her daughter completely approved of the chocolate frosting on top.

With a wide-open space, seating for around 10-15 folks, it is a nice place to hang out.

I could not get more info on the owners, as their co-partner kind of forgot the deets, but she did kindly inform me that she owned the charming store downstairs.


527 Maple Ave W

Vienna, VA 22180

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Mrs DrXmus and I shared a couple of cupcakes tonight after great pizza and beer at Orso's. We had a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The cake was moist and very flavorful, especially the chocolate. It was obvious that the chocolate was high quality and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a dose of espresso to help build the chocolate flavor. I loved the tang of the cream cheese buttercream, but Nancy wasn't as big a fan. She enjoyed the chocolate/chocolate cupcake better. The red velvet cake had a great texture, but I didn't get much chocolate flavor from it even though I tasted it before the chocolate cupcake. Overall, both cupcakes were fantastic.

We were the only customers at 7:30pm, but the very sweet lady behind the counter said the owner's having trouble keeping up with orders. Apparently many people don't give advanced warning when they want several dozen for their office. She said they'd appreciate a 1.5 day advance warning if a dozen is needed. When you buy 12, the cost is $2.65 (IIRC) as opposed to the normal price of $2.95.

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I stopped in yesterday. I tried the yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting. It reminded me of my mother's cupcakes--not too sweet, very moist with frosting that tasted like chocolate instead of sugar.


They don't serve coffee. Only tea.

Now this is really not a big deal since I get to Vienna once a year, if I'm lucky. But it seemed an odd choice.

I wish them luck. It would definitely be in the rotation if I lived closer!

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I recently visited and purchased a chocolate one and a lemon one to go. The cakes are still moist as reviewed above.

Because I didn't eat the cupcakes right away and waited a day later, the frosting started to fall apart. I think this is normal, but it the frosting taste wasn't as good. I didn't mind because the cakes themselves were flavorful.

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