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The first thing I do after turning on my computer at work every morning is to make myself a cup of green tea from one of those single serving machines. Not the best tea but since it's free, I can hardly complain.

We were at the mall today so I went to Teavana to see if I can improve my morning tea situation. First of all, I make tea from loose leaves at home, but I'm tired of spitting out tea leaves. So I asked for 2 infusers ($17 each). Next, I wait for awhile as the woman in front of me asked to smell many many types of tea. By the time I get up there, I just told them to show me 2 or 3 types of green tea. First is their most anti-oxidant rich Japanese green tea called Gyokuro in a tin labeled $20 for 2 ozs. They asked if I want to keep it in a tin can - only $7. If I buy a pound, it's 10% off. So how much is a pound? $140 after discount!!! I said just half a pound is fine. Then I got a Chinese green tea called Emperor's Clouds & Mist priced at $15 for 2 ozs. I get a half pound of that in a tin - and I get 10% off for buying a lb altogether.

I'm not entirely sure my parents ever paid $150 for a lb of tea (much less one that didn't come with tin cans)! I feel like a sucker. At least I didn't buy the thermometer - yes they recommend water temperature of 175 degrees.

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FYI: From this morning's FDA Food Safety Alert: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:37:00 -0600 Teavana Corporation Voluntarily Recalls Peppermint Organic Herbal Tea Because of Possible Health Risk Teavana Corporation today announced a voluntary recall of 2,659 lbs of Peppermint Organic Herbal Tea produced by Aromatics Inc., Basin City, WA, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Aromatics Inc. exclusively produces and distributes Teavana’s Peppermint Organic Herbal Tea.

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