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Don Has Sex With Paris Hilton!!!

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Warning: NOT Suitable For Work!

This shocking sex tape featuring Don having sex with Paris Hilton was just discovered at the Sherrif's Auction of the contents of the offices of the now defunct "**ckWell Productions".

Behinds the scenes commentary by the on-set fluffer reveals that this entire scene was slowed down to give this a more realistic feel, making this Don's greatest, and longest-lasting, performance ever!

In the "Making of" documentary footage also discovered, Don himself exclaimed, "Yes, that's EXACTLY how it happened. I remember it like it was yesterday, it's still so fresh--so raw. It's one of those moments that just plays over and over in your mind. It was like something out of my darkest, most twisted fantasies. It's amazing what we could get away with in those days."

Again, Warning: Not Suitable for Children or Family Members!

Prepare to be SHOCKED !

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Behind the scenes trivia: Don's original line read: "Feel the power of the Don Side" but was later re-dubbed to the more mainstream version heard on the final edit, leading to many fierce arguments over creative freedom and artistic expression--a conflict that was ultimately to lead to Don's walking away from the field forever.

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