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RJ Cooper's Rogue 24 at LTO in New York City

RJ Cooper

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Not so fast Matt we will have dietary menus if we know when you make the reservation

Oh really? So you'd be able to do a vegetarian tasting menu? I still have dreams about the vegetarian menu you dreamed up at the Vidalia DR dinner long ago that introduced me to your skills.

Hmm...time to seriously look at my NYC schedule. (Though, I suppose if things don't work out, you'll just have to put up with me in DC!)

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City Paper blurb about the Rogue 24 LTO

So "New York also gets the flops and blunders from the kitchen for two weeks"? Why am I skeptical that one of the few chefs in town who has never, ever made a disappointing plate for me (seriously, one notices these things) is going to be cranking out flops and blunders?

I sense a strategy to disarm the inevitable New York commenters, some of who will offer reliable and well-considered opinions, and many others who will discount his artistry because he's not opening in New York City. No matter. I'm still envious.

I'm curious who the FOH staff will be for this pop-up. One thing Manhattan has in abundance that DC could use more of, is a depth of highly professional servers. So many, in fact, that poor service in a fine dining establishment seems like a rarity up there. We have lots of _nice_ servers in DC, but not yet enough to put all of the turkeys out of a job, and definitely not enough of the very polished ones. Maybe RJ could shanghai a few more to bring home.

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