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American History Museum Drinks/Snacks


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Hey folks, I need to meet my out-of-town family to say goodbye and hang out for an hour starting around 4:30 this afternoon. They have to be at the American History museum at 6:30, and one family member may not be up to walking far (so it either has to be near the museum, or somewhere where she can get a taxi for a short ride).

Is there anywhere you recommend, open at 4:30 (so therefore not Central or TenPenh), near the museum, where a group could hang out, have drinks/coffee and maybe snack? All I see nearby is the Post Office Pavilion, which seems very uninspired. Zaytinya could work only if they would taxi afterwards, but I'm trying to think of anything nearby. Teaism is too far for one family member to walk. The Sculpture Garden is likewise too far (and no taxi available there if family member needs it).

Thank you!!

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Cafe du Parc at the Willard Hotel comes to mind. They have terrace seating and an afternoon menu.

Perfect! I didn't realize they had an afternoon menu. It's a lovely day for outside seating, they apparently have non-alcoholic spritzers (which always makes me and the kiddo happy), and my other family member can take a taxi the four blocks to the museum if she's not up for the walk.

Thanks so much!!!!

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I wonder if even Cafe du Parc is too far to walk?

There is the Reagan building food court to hang out for a quick bite or their sit down place, Aria. I think that might be the second closest uninspiring place.

Maybe Chef Geoff's??

It was a bit far, but she said it was fine, and the good thing was taxis were available if she'd needed one to go the few blocks.

It was a great choice, food and drink-wise -- my foodie relatives were very happy with the mini crab cakes, the lobster salad sandwich (a tiny bit nutmeggy, or some other unidentified tasty space), and the caprese salad with yellow tomatoes and fried disks of mozzarella. Drinks were lovely, though the one I had with passion fruit puree should've had a stronger flavor of the fruit. Sitting outside was perfect (not the terrace in the afternoon, but it's sidewalk seating and that was fine).

Thanks again for the recommendation!!

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