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Manhattan Deli & Restaurant

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Tried to hit up Blue Ribbon BBQ with the parents on a Monday and they were closed. We spotted Manhattan Deli & Restaurant across the parking lot and figured sandwiches would be just fine for lunch.

The place looked like just another anoynmous sandwich shop in a generic strip mall, but things started to get a little more interesting when I noticed some hand written signs advertising papusas and other Mexican/El Salvadoran items in the window. A printed menu in Spanish was taped up near the cash register and I decided to skip the sandwich menu.

I went with the combination platter - 1 pork and cheese papusa, fried plantains, two fried eggs, black beans, crema and a oblong football shaped roll for $6.95 was hitting the spot.

The main menu has a long list of breakfast items (eggs, omelettes, pancakes etc served all day) and an extentsive sandwich menu (My parents sandwiches looked to be well made but nothing special).

I have no idea what their hours are but they appear to be only open for breakfast and lunch.

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I wonder if they're any connection to a place by the same name in Silver Spring, at the NE corner of Colesville & University.

The SS location has a sign that says "Authentic NY style Deli", and hanging from that sign is another: "Pupusas y Tacos". B)

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