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Johnny's NY Style Pizzeria, Kingstowne - On Manchester Blvd. near the Regal Kingstowne 16

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Not only is this restaurant not in the dining guide, but neither is Kingstowne. As far as Kingstowne is concerned, that slight is merited. The food there is abysmal. But as far as Johnny's is concerned, this is one of the better pizza places in Fairfax County, similar in a way to Tony's in Fair Lakes.

I'm not talking about artisanal flatbreads in wood-fired ovens with charred bottoms and with artichokes and pears and goat cheese on them. I'm talking about pizza to whom you would treat your son's rugby team, or your neighbors from Brooklyn, or your old frat brothers, or the local fire house, or returning veterans, or people with a last name ending in a vowel. This is hearty and tasty fare, not necessarily low cost, but hitting some good notes in the quality department. The Meatatarian, Valentino Special and Mo's Special are among my favorite pizzas in the area, and I've heard others rave about the Buffalo Chicken pizza. Subs are pretty good here too, about as good as Bozelli's but maybe not quite up to Italian Store standards. I have taken a liking to the salami, anchovy and roasted peppers sub. Pastas and other entrees are in the good category, not great, but filling and tasty and able to feed a family well.

However, I don't recommend this place for eat-in. The interior is small, and storage shelves and crates cramp the back end of the limited space. For a quick snack when you're in the area, it's not bad, but take-out or delivery within a 3-mile radius is a better bet.


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Sensational pizza at Johnny's tonight. Total gut-buster. The Valentino is a monster with a combination of meat and vegges that conquers all appetites. The Meatatarian is appropriately named, with every conceivable meat on top of a delicious crust and tomato/cheese topping. This isn't brick oven, charred bottom pizza, but this is as scrumptious as it gets in the Kingstowne area.

The wings, on the other hand, were a bit salty....not worthy of a repeat performance.

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Johnny's is still slinging it. With the arrival of an outpost of Pupatella in Springfield, it's worth pointing out that the only real competition for best pizza in the area is Pupatella and Johnny's, the former in Springfield and the latter in Kingstowne.

Slices are available here, and the selection is varied. The vegetarian is loaded, as is the sausage with onions and peppers. These are high quality slices. The linguini with shrimp fra diavolo and the linguini with sausage and peppers are really good too. You can pick your pasta and the topping will be added to order.

Salads are top notch too. Wife and I had the Greek salad with grilled chicken, and it clobbers the competition from local mom-and-pop Greek restaurants. 

This plaza lost Lucky's to the pandemic, but is recovering -- Kumo has surprisingly good sushi for delivery, Shawarma Guys moved in successfully, and Amazon Fresh is the recent anchor establishment. Johnny's is about as good as it gets for fast-casual suburban Italo-Greek. Or is it Greco-Italian?

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