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Local Market - New in Falls Church


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Went this afternoon. The web site sort of says it all. Local tomatoes, peaches, apples, 'lopes, watermelon, garlic, onion, potatoes. McCutcheon jams, sauces, drinks, etc. Local dairy things - cow milk (full and 2%, maybe others), goat's milk, cheeses, dips, ice cream, yogurt. Route 11 chips - many flavors. Locally made soaps, aftershaves, etc. Several pickled items. Stachowski sausages - Santa Fe chicken, lamb merguez, breakfast sausages, turkey, kielbasa, chorizo and more. Saltwater taffy. Several breads/pies/treats from a local bakery whose name I don't remember. I know there's more I've forgotten, but you get the idea. The owner said business has been so good he covered expenses on the very first day he opened, about 8 days ago. Don't expect bargains, but it's nice to have a little bit of the farmers market open every day of the week. Local Market is almost identical to the small place in Vienna on Maple Ave.next to the Vienna Inn, but it's a little bigger and better stocked.

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I went late Saturday afternoon and thought much of the same thoughts as Dr. Xmus. (Breads and treats were from Grace's Bakery.)

I like how apples were only $1.50/lb here. I've become an apple monster lately so this price was great.

My only "beef" (har) was that I was the only person in the store and the person/manager/owner there was on his cell the entire time, even when he was checking my products out for purchase. That is a bit off-putting, even if his reasons were for good - he was trying to establish an order from a local supplier to stock or restock, since he was a bit busier than he thought and was afraid he might run out. I am not sure since the store seemed well stocked to me. And especially since this person did not greet me or pretty much acknowledge I was a person except when I was told the total price.

I really try not to talk on the cell when I am in the check out lane or in line to purchase my meals because I think it is courteous, so I wish for that same gesture. I guess in an alternate universe? Too much to ask for? </vent>

I'll give them a try, but I wished for a small store-friendly feel.

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