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Al-Zaytoun Kabob & Grill, Woodbridge

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I'd like to add a review, where I had lunch with a friend, in the last month-Al-Zaytoun, in Woodbridge. I chose this restaurant, based on yelp reviews-it was an unexpectedly good choice. We were the only customers during lunch, & while this gave me pause, the food was excellent-pita type bread, rice, & a buffet of various indo/pak spiced veg, tandoori chicken, & great mint lemonade.

My friend spent part of her childhood in India, & she really enjoyed all the food we were served....the owner was very nice & I hope that others would enjoy the food that we did, it seems like a great local restaurant...

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Another great lunch at Al Zaytoun-got the AYCE lunch buffet, first I received 2 plates-white & brown rice, salad, &fresh out of the oven naan, & then to the buffet, which had dal, chickpeas, potato curry, eggplant curry, lamb meat balls & eggs, chicken curry, beef curry, potato puffs, & also fresh from the oven, tandoori chicken. I sampled a little bit of almost everything, wished for greater stomach capacity, & downed my delicious mint lemonade. Service was excellent, this place is a little out of the way, but if you're down at Potomac Mills, it's a wonderful alternative to food court food & chains...

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