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Goat butter


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Has anyone ever seen goat butter at local farmers markets or shops? I had some at Ma Peche in NYC and loved it, but have not found it around DC (although I have only looked at Courthouse market and whole foods in Clarendon.)

I bought some about six months ago, and it was either at Balducci's in McLean or Whole Foods in Falls Church (can't remember which - it was the only thing in my (now-empty) refrigerator for quite some time).

NB One of the best butters I've ever eaten was a *raw* goat's milk butter I bought through the mail from Formaggio Kitchen about 10-15 years ago. NB2 This (despite being from a cow) is better than any pasteurized goat's milk butter you'll find.

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I've seen it often enough that I can't quite remember where. For sure at the Bethesda Co-op just a few days ago. Probably also Balducci's in Bethesda and Whole Foods in Bethesda. And maybe at least one vendor at the Dupont farmers' market.

eta: ps call the co-op before going, as sometimes they run out of things and don't re-stock for a few days.

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