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  1. I follow them on Instagram but loved the magazine. I recently went through all my cooking magazine 'archives' and purged very many. I may now regret that. (and, hi Pat!)
  2. I've been twice to the Outer Banks, so far this summer. One week in Corolla, in July, in a western-themed, smaller rental between the sound and the ocean. It had three bedrooms, perfect for the small group I was with. We did not eat out at all, except for a few excursions to Dairy Queen (no judgement please.) But we had great local seafood that we grilled at the rental, from Dockside Market and Seaside Market. Seaside has a larger variety of non-seafood items- produce, snacks, mixers, etc. It was a remoter-remote work week for me so I did not go to the beach everyday during the day. Early eve
  3. Harris Teeter on Harrison St in Arlington had it a few days ago.
  4. 1. Dr. Fauci is in good shape. I pass him running on a local route every week. 2 Perhaps we shouldn't have but my daughters and I ate at Chez Billy Sud for brunch today. Few tables occupied and we all were very far apart. This is going to devastate the local industry and the owner-run places (as opposed to corporate locations like a cheesecake factory) will be the ones that cannot survive and cannot come back. I am fearful for many dear friends and their livelihoods (both as owners and workers.) 3. I would not be surprised if by mid-week all restaurants, bars and retail shops will b
  5. Heading to Tupelo early October for a few days - anyone out there in Don Rockwell-land have any recommendations? Food, fun??
  6. adaminamsterdam is an Instagram by a friend of my daughter. He posts a rather robust and very current list of a wide range of restaurants and coffee shops. I always recommend a stop at Eetsalon Van Dobben for a really traditional sandwich - especially the broodje kroket. My family like Hotel Notting Hill, near Heineken brewery and Albert Cuypmarkt, with easy tram access everywhere.
  7. What was the ice cream and candy store on Wilson Blvd/Clarendon in the 90’s? Near Faccia Luna? Anyone remember who owned it?
  8. My daughter and I had a great time. Simonetta was an amazingly patient and fun instructor. We learned so much. And the tasting after the class was the perfect ending. Many thanks to Katt for organizing this.
  9. is there room for two (maybe three) more? I am definite for 2, waiting to hear from my other daughter if she is available.
  10. I have been here twice now - and am a long time regular at Padaek. I really hope this food court can survive - even the small menu is so satisfying. While it is no longer on the menu, they have had crispy rice salad with tofu (and sour pork if you eat meat) that is so good (I believe it is called naem khao thadaeu and I don't know how I have missed this for so long at Padaek). The chef made it for me last night. The soups are as good as others noted above and are consistent with the high quality of the ones in the regular restaurants.
  11. We usually go to Le Diplomate but since none of us eat turkey, cannot comment on the traditional part of the menu... Highly recommend a visit to the Botanic Gardens Christmas train room or the National Gallery that day (although the Botanic Gardens are getting more popular for a Thanksgiving visit each year and last year we bailed on the line.)
  12. Business trip to Little Rock and Hot Springs next week (will be my 48th state!) . Any more recent recommendations in Little Rock? Traveling with colleagues on the government per diem so nothing too expensive.
  13. lizzie


    I sew - it's the Pennsylvania in me. And the 4H. I barter for wine and other spirits in exchange to help with Tae Kwon Do or Scout patches etc. Would love some help though with designing a not traditional t-shirt quilt (if we can make this a quilting thread too.) I want to integrate synchro swim medals and ribbons with the shirts.
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