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Gaithersburg Food Delivery


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A good friend / colleague had a baby last night. As they've recently moved up to Gaithersburg, I wanted to send them a meal or some sort of food that they can keep in the fridge for some meals while they get settled in (thinking lasagna, or something else that heats up easily).

Any suggestions? I would prefer someplace that would deliver since I am located in Cleveland park but I'm not sure how doable that is...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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You could try


filter on Gaithersburg.

For lasagna, Mama Lucia's is on the list and makes pans of lasagne that feed 8-10 at a sitting - which seems perfect for a few days of snacking/lunching/dinnering. Mama Lucia's gets some mixed reviews but I've always thought them OK and they've been around a while.

I'd imagine most of the restaurants listed there are also reviewed on this site. Good luck and I'm sure your gesture will be appreciated.

EDIT: Zio's is at the bottom of the list and also does lasagna pans. I haven't had their lasagna but check out this recent thread

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I really appreciated meals the first few weeks after the little guy was born. Check to see if they have family coming --they may not need meals immediately but a meal in 3 weeks when the family has left and partner has gone back to work may be a life saver.

The other issue is if she's nursing and if the nursling is sensitive to onion, garlic or other foods. Check first.

And although I live in the area, I can't think of of any place that delivers and is edible. It is a food wasteland...

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