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Quick Breakfast near Sterling


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I am heading to Sterling from Tysons tomorrow morning. Is there any place that I can get a decent cup of coffee and a pastry either along Route 7 or near the shopping plaza with Lowes/Walmart?

Pastry for sure? If you backtrack down route 7 towards Fall Church, you could get an "okay" pastry and coffee at Whole Foods, then scarf it in your car. Heading northwest, however, there isn't much - a Corner Bakery in Cascades (and one as well in Tysons II), if you want to get an edible pastry and a cup of coffee before you leave. Nothing great, that's for sure, unless there's a local bakery I'm not thinking of off the top of my head. Tysons Bagel Market isn't bad, but it's over on Route 123 near The Olive Garden.

I suspect closer to Sterling, you might find a mom-n-pop Asian bakery in a strip Mall, but then you'll have defeated the point of the drive by not being caffeinated when you make it. :) That said, beyond Tysons on Route 7, there will be 1-2 Starbucks on your left if you're desperate for coffee (either in Sports Authority shopping center, or the shopping center beyond, next to the Night Dreams lingerie store). ;)

Write back with more details and a denouement, please - I'm always curious to see how these work out, and invariably, I think I may learn something from them. Good luck, mate!



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Thanks for the recommendations, Don. I more need the caffeine for the shopping as opposed to the drive, which is why I was leaning towards getting something out by Sterling. I am getting on 7 at the Dulles Toll Road, so the Tysons options are all backtracking for me, and I am lazy. ;)

I know there is an Atlanta Bread Company in Sterling near where I am going, which is my fail-safe option if I can't find anything else.

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