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Charlie Trotter's Is Closing - Chicago Legend's Final Service on August 31st after 25 Years


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Sad. Unless I get back to Chicago before the end, I suppose it really will have been a once in a lifetime meal.

Yeah, me too - but what a meal it was! Charlie Trotter was my kind of chef - some might say "too academic," but I remember the meal at Trotter's more vividly (even though it was twelve years ago) than I remember the meal I had at Per Se. I'll never forget the bento box "amuse-bouche" with a teeny-tiny, edible hard-shell crab (back then, quite a novelty) alongside several other items. My buddy Josh Raynolds knew the sommelier, so we got seated right outside the kitchen, and had the chef's tasting menu. One of my favorite-ever dining experiences.

Also, I'll never forget the meal I had at Gerard's Place when Gerard cooked alongside Charlie Trotter. Red Hermitage with Scallops? Well ... yes!

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