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Calabria Pork Store, Arthur Avenue in The Bronx - A Huge Selection of Cured Pork

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Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx...Haven't been, just tasted their product. The step-father of the gf was kind enought to bring me back a whole sweet sopprassata (at least that is what he told me it was). Whatever it is, it is damn good, some of the best cured meat I've had. The thing looks like a mutant sweet potato!

My photo:


Photo swiped from Yelp (wouldn't normally do this but you must see to believe!):


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If you're on Arthur Avenue, don't forget to walk around the corner on E 187th Street to Casa Della Mozzarella, for some of the freshest, most tasty mozzarella in the 'hood. And that's right next door to Borgatti's ravioli, which easily is the most delicious store bought ravioli around. It's also surprisingly inexpensive, and freezes great.

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