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Cooks That Don't Suck Wanted at Freddy's Lobster and Clams

Jeff Heineman

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If you are or if you know some Good Cooks that want to work in Bethesda making everything from scratch, and occassionally getting slammed so bad you kind of spin around in circles, send me your resume. I will pay you to work. if you suck and don't actually want to work, but want to just stand around AT work, then don't send me your resume. I don't want to pay you.

If you think you can be in charge of a bunch of people who work, but still do work yourself, let me know too, I might want you as well.

Again, if you want to actually work, and use your brain and hands as well as your mouth I need some good people, and will pay them to work. Do a good job and I will pay you more.

send resume to:



Freddy's Lobster and Clams

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Why do I feel like he and I have hired the same people - those who apply to a job who don't actually want to do the job? How can you tell until they're actually put in the position to work?

Triangulation. A few different questions that cross-check for the same thing (in this case sincere interest in the position) when interviewing. Just a few example of many possibilities:

- what other jobs (or which other single position) in your background were/was most similar to or best prep for this?

- why this job and not job X or job Y? Why this restaurant as opposed to something [different in whatever way]

- just hypothetically, if you were to quit this job in a few months, what might be the most likely reason why?

- describe a dish you think might work well on our menu. What is it? Why do you like it? Why should I consider including it?

And, other questions about the resume. Have the educational, training and job histories shown clear dedication, work ethic and stick-to-it ness?

The idea is to test for the candidate having done some real thinking or prep indicative of genuine interest. A casual applicant usually won't have bothered and thus more likely to give simplistic, less credible or non-sequitir answers. Having at least two people interview a candidate is a good technique also--form independent views and then compare notes. Can't sniff this out 100% of course but, in my own experience, good resume vetting, thoughtful interviewing and a bit of good recruiting process can get to truth and best decisions in at least 2/3 or 3/4 of the cases--way better than a coin flip.

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