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First Thursday on the Avenue

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This Thursday is the first "First Thursday on the Avenue" of the season in Del Ray. This month's theme is the "Foods of Del Ray"...each restaurant and food shop on Mount Vernon will be offering samples from 6-9 PM. In a shameless plug for Planet Wine, we're doing a free wine tasting in the store...

Think Cheesetique...Taqueria Poblano...Del Ray Creamery...Evening Star Cafe...Fireflies...and more! What better way for gringos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?!

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That website has a link to all the restaurants in Del Ray. You will all be jealous, but I managed to secure a much coveted reservation for tomorrow night at the 7-Eleven.

I understand they have an excellent selection of fruit-flavored wines at Bistro Sept-Onze.

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