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Large Format Bottles of Beer

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A friend's dog passed away suddenly recently. A group of us got together and decided on a memorial gift. Because he's a beer lover and home brewer, we had pint glasses made with a memorial design a friend created and we're going to give those with some nice beer, and I am in charge of the beer. I would like to get some nice large format bottles, things that are rare (special release) and maybe pricier than what he would typically spend on himself (if they're worth it), but they don't all have to be expensive of course - just good. :) We have a pretty decent budget of about $85.

As far as styles of beer, I think he tends to the styles I do - IPAs or pale ales or at the other end of the spectrum, porters and stouts. The beers he's brewed since I've known him have been a (fantastic) milk stout, an IPA, and I think a porter. But, at heart he's a beer lover and I think he'll appreciate anything that is of good quality.

So any suggestions? I will probably go to I.M. Wine and/or Perfect Pour because those are the 2 stores in my area that have rather nice selections of beer and informed staff, but I may also pick some up at Corridor. They actually had a lot of large format bottles when I went in a couple of weeks ago, including a lot of Dogfish Head you don't see otherwise. Not inclusive I'm sure, but some of the special releases they have right now.


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Smuttynose Smuttonator is a nice doppelbock in a large bottle. Also, the Harpoon 100 barrel series is good, and they have the black IPA there. And the Green Flash Palate Wrecker, which I haven't tried, but I like their imperial IPA.

If you can get to Total Wine, you might want to try some of the beers from Epic Brewing. I've been enjoying their sour apple saison and imperial IPA.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. In case anyone is curious, here's what I ended up with:

From I.M. Wine:

4-pk Sprecher Bavarian Black

Dogfish Head Hellhound on my Ale

From Corridor:

Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsner

Full Sail Brewmasters Reserve Imperial Porter

The Bruery Saison Rue

Roge Chatoe Diroir Black Lager

Avery Dugana IPA

I originally had BrewDog and Baying Hound IPAs on my short list, but despite them being listed in stock on the website, they were out so the Full Sail pinch-hitted. I picked up one of those for myself against my better judgement ($12.50!) too. :)

I will probably be buying some more of the ones I got for him to try myself down the road, as well as some of your other suggestions that didn't end up getting bought.

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