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The 2006 Naked Chefs Calendar


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Is this a new trend? [scroll down to second entry: Naked Lunch--Or Is It?]

As many people already know, I was briefly "The Grill Cook" in The Village People--a time of shimmering glory in my life sadly cut short by our ill-timed and ill-fated benefit performance for the MOVE Organization in Philadelphia and the less than, let's say, umm, hygenic part I took in that performance. (This is where the particularly astute among you may begin at long last to suspect that the Ray in Ray's The Steaks actually links me to John Ray, Jr.(No googling, please)).

As such there were many naked catalogues of one sort or another that I participated in--some of which are still in heavy demand in Japan and can still be found, with some difficulty, on the web--and must therefore establish precedence and demand credit for this trend which is, in fact quite old.

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