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Lolita, Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran's BYOB on S. 13th and Chestnut Street in Midtown Village

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Was up there Sun and Mon. Had dinner Sun at a great new BYOB, Lolita (13th & Walnut). Actually, it's BYOT (T for Tequila) since the menu is Mexican. You bring the booze, they provide the freshly made pitchers of mixes (besides traditional, they currently have strawberry-basil (really good) and watermelon mint). I was pretty skeptical about the menu, since it's sorta upscale Mexican-fusion, but everything was excellent. I had squid stuffed with a chorizo and chickpea mixture and then carne asada with a roasted plaintain and poblano crema. Both delicious, as were the other plates I sampled. Wish this place were in DC.

As a bonus, Lolita is directly across from the amazing Capogiro Gelato (no trip to Philly is complete without a stop at Capogiro). They keep getting farther out with the flavors, though. Black truffle gelato? (I nearly gagged from the small tasting I had of it).

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Thanks for the Lolita recommendation! I had a very good meal there last Sunday -- especially the skirt steak special with heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn.

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