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Google Restaurant Carousel


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Whether you are a consumer or a restaurateur, and if you search in google for restaurants by type and town, neighborhood, city, etc. there is a new google presentation in town. Its now visible on all desktops, it's been visible on tablets since Dec, its not showing on mobile.

Here is the link per google's announcement: https://plus.google.com/+google/posts/KpsbyvHUotN

and here is a screen shot on the above the fold visual results for a search for seafood Alexandria

I have no idea how this will affect traffic to restaurant sites. Its new, announced and delivered today.

I'm curious as to reactions.

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Yesterday Google changed the way it presents information about restaurants in a city, a neighborhood, by type etc. Lots of people use google search to find this information. https://plus.google.com/+google/posts/KpsbyvHUotN

One very fast moving search marketer did an immediate study about the new presentation, a carousel of pictures of restaurants at the top of the page. What was very interesting IMHO were the one by one comments of people who were tasked with looking at this view...and how they proceeded to find out about restaurants.

The link to the article, the search reviews and then videos showing how these people reacted: -> http://niftymarketing.com/10-random-peoples-reactions-to-google-local-carousel/

Of note, I think the test was done in upstate Idaho, using random people...who probably don't spend a lot of time searching for restaurants in chicago...but interesting to see their results and how they proceeded to find out about restaurants.

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Is there a way to deactivate this? Because if not, I'm switching search engines. I understand I'm a special case, so don't consider this a "complaint," but I'm not going to suffer through this ten times a day.

LOL. use a mobile.

and/or contact google and tell them you hate it and why you hate it!!!

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Is this limited to Google Plus users?



I don't think so.

It seems to trigger itself. "pho frederick" triggers it. "dumplings frederick" does not.

Funny how Google is now selling horizontally and vertically. Before, a company could push their way up the search results for a fee (right?) - now, they can push their way to the left of the black bar. Faintly interestingly, the bar results don't match the vertical page results. Time and money should fix that so the resturaunt with the largest marketing budget is first in both lists.

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