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Kruba, Thai and Sushi from the Owners of Regent and Galae Thai - At The Yards near Nationals Park

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I couldn't find any postings on this place, so if there is a topic, mods, please move!

Big space in the Yards development, open for lunch and dinner, decorated like Regent Thai. This is one metro stop from us, and when I get the itch for Thai and can't get to the burbs, this will scratch the itch adequately. If you want something other than typical bar food before or after a Nats game, you could do worse. The spicing was fairly aggressive, in a good way. Staff seems nice, if a bit distracted. After your meal, you can walk along the river on the extraordinary path from Navy Yard to Nats Stadium. This is not relevatory food, but it's a nice addition to the 'hood and perfectly convenient for those of us in the food wasteland that is Southwest.

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