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Miso, Asian Fusion in Little Run Shopping Center - Little River Turnpike in Annandale

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My daughter returned late last night from a trip to the grandparents, she had a long day yesterday w/ little food, so she was famished this morning & I decided it was a good time to try a place I'd heard about, but had not visited yet-Miso. It's in Annandale, across from a bowling alley, in a shopping center, so no parking issues.

Specialties are katsu & udon, so that's what we tried-Lizzy got the chicken katsu/ udon combo, while I got the flounder & shrimp katsu/ mini udon (so I got a small bowl of rice, too). It was quite a spread, we had a small salad (iceberg w/ ginger dressing) & a chawanmushi (steamed egg), then a tray w/ the katsu (on a tiny rack, which it didn't need, it wasn't greasy at all), shredded cabbage w/ dressing (I also had a scoop of potato salad, which wasn't good), small bowls of cabbage kimchi, radish cubes, tonkatsu sauce (I had pinkish w/ my seafood, hers was brown & sweeter, mine was better). Lizzy got the large bowl of udon, while mine was smaller, w/ a side of rice.

Katsu was good, but not particularly memorable, just fried stuff, but the udon was definitely the star for Lizzy, she was slurping & saying how it was the best thing she'd had in a week. Mine was good, but I'm not really into noodles. For dessert, we were offered a choice of coffee or mini yogurt, $10.95 for the set lunch was a deal, although Lizzy said she'd go back just for takeout udon.

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Yeah, in my trips here I've found I enjoy their udon more than their katsu, so tend to the big udon/small katsu combination.

(Actually, I've found most udon in Annandale isn't too bad. Yechon, Gaboja...they all do a decent udon. Then again, it's not hard to do a decent udon...)

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7410 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003

(703) 256-5737

Small strip mall restaurant serving Korean style Japanese food. Their house special is Katsu. 

The menu has a small appetizer section of which the Takoyaki is my favorite. Most of the other appetizers are just so-so. The entrees come with a very pleasant chawan mushi.

They have the menu divided up into sections: Katsu, Ramen, Udon, Over Rice. Then there are combos. If you order the katsu on a combo, yo get a smaller portion.

My favorite is the pork katsu. The pork is not juicy, the breading is crunchy. You can get the pork with grated daikon. You get two pork cutlets, a bit of kimchi, some pickled radish, a good katsu sauce,the chawan mushi and a salad. The katso is served on a rack so they do not lay on the plate ad let the breading get soffy. I have not had the beef or the spicy pork which comes with an extremely spicy you are on your own warning. Kay has had the flounder Katsu which is a bit bland. Shrimp Katsu is very heavily breaded shrimp, I am not a fan. All the Katsu come with a small udon noodle in broth which is outstanding. They also have rolled katsu where the meats are wrapped around mozzarella cheese which I have not had. They also offer ramen which is better than average. On the combos you can get cold noodles which are very good as well. 

Very nice people, good service. Fun place for a good meal for not a lot of money.

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