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Nick's Chophouse - Upscale Steakhouse in King Farm, North Rockville

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I couldn't find Nick's Chophouse in the Dining Guide. I had lunch there today and it deserves some serious love.

Nick's is a lovely place in the King's Park area, with a bar on the immediate right as you walk in the door, a nice dining room and a spaceous outdoor dining area. The menu features the typical chophouse fare, with Black Angus steaks and lots of salads, seafood and chicken all over the lunch menu.

I went with the Special Lunch Menu where you pick an appetizer or soup or salad along with an entree. My $15.95 special began with the "Today's Hummus" and was followed by the grilled BBQ shrimp with grits.

The hummus wasn't bad, but how hard is it to make hummus? It's not the best hummus I've ever had, but it was certainly an adequate starter. The grilled shrimp was a hit. They were medium-large, grilled to perfection, covered with a spicy Coca-Cola sauce, sitting on top of perfectly cooked grits, and topped with sauteed spinach. This dish was very enjoyable, and it demonstrated some serious kitchen skills in pulling it all together. I would eat this dish over and over again, but there are some other items on the menu that I intend to try on my next visit, whenever that is.

Table mates had the flatiron steak, the petite filet, and the grilled salmon. Each plate, like mine, was completely wiped clean, even prompting the waitress who cleared our plates to remark that we must have really enjoyed our meals. We did.


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