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Giovanni's Trattu, South Dupont Circle

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Does anyone know anything about the Giovanni Trattu in Dupont that one poster praised?

It's next door to Bacchus on Jefferson Place.

Haven't been in about two years. Was hit and miss, but when they hit it was fantastic. Reminds me I should pay them a visit since I don't work in the 'hood anymore.

I recall getting there for lunch one day right when they unlocked the front door. About two minutes after being seated, a delivery was made of a whole lamb through the front door wrapped in plastic, under the delivery man's arm. Although my companion was quite disturbed, it definitely made me interested in ordering lamb. No doubt it was fresh!

I always liked the place because it felt a lot like many restaurants in Italy. Small, intimate and with a very quirky decor.

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just went this evening. i would echo an above poster who said it was hit or miss. i have been twice, and i love their fried calamari (though it may be a bit salty) which i think is cooked perfectly. it is not rubbery as is often the case. most importantly, i love their tomato-based sauces. i tend to be a harsh critic of sauce, but this is the only place yet in DC where i can truly say it is reminiscent of grandma's sauce. i see italian cuisine as very home-oriented, so this is the ultimate compliment. unfortunately, i did not enjoy the chicken rollatini that i ordered. the chicken did not seem of high quality, and it was dried out and overwhelmed by the roasted red peppers and mushrooms it was stuffed with. also, a bit on the expensive side. an appetizer, two entrees, and three glasses of wine total was $120, which is as expensive as some much fancier restaurants.

all in all, i would go if you're looking for a good plate of pasta that's not too fancy in a cozy little restaurant (the place is extremely small).

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