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  1. We went on Saturday around 6 and were pleasantly surprised to find no wait whatsoever. The setting is bright and lively, service was excellent, and the ramen was out of this world. We took Marty's advice and got a bowl of shio chintan to split. Slurped up every last drop of broth and every last noodle. Highly recommended. The fried chicken with fixings, honestly, was disappointing. The chicken itself was good -- a breast, leg, and thigh all nicely crispy on the outside, moist on the inside -- but there wasn't one of the fixings I was tempted to finish. Granted, we were pretty full fr
  2. Their Italian hoagie is often available through UberEats, for those who are in the downtown or Georgetown area around lunchtime on weekdays. Planning to give it a try as I miss the Philly style (oh, for a trip to Sarcone's.)
  3. Also there last night. They're releasing very limited reservations on OpenTable in addition to through their own system -- when I checked last week, there was a 6:15 for last night and something at 5:15 one night the first week in December, and that was it. So Tuesday night it was. Promptly seated at a table for two against the inside wall. Wouldn't want to sit on these chairs for a long time, but not an issue with the speed of service at this point -- we were completely done in under an hour, and as you'll see below, we didn't exactly skimp on the ordering. The Pork Buns are one of my favor
  4. We've gone a few times for special occasions, and it is a knockout space with incredibly fresh seafood. I also find it breathtakingly expensive, and the service sometimes feels more condescending than welcoming. Other than the bar lunch special, which is an excellent deal, I'd honestly rather go to Blacksalt.
  5. We walked in Friday night at 9:30 intending to get a drink. Upstairs bar was standing room only, but lo and behold, bar seats opened up downstairs, and we were able to have dinner. Warm welcome, amazing food, everything delightful. We'll be back -- late.
  6. Order the coast-to-coast and everyone wins. Both the East Coast and West Coast versions are delicious. Not large, but tasty, each with its own version of remoulade to kick things up. It really is as much like the SF original as they can make it; they brought out the sourdough starter from SF and bake their house bread from that, and of course the dungeness and sand dabs are not things we see often on this coast. If you sit at the bar on the right side of the restaurant, as we did, it's a near-copy of the same spot out there. The dining room on the other side has a completely different feel,
  7. We ate there Saturday night as walk-ins at the bar. Obviously had not seen the article above at that point. As fans of the San Francisco original, we've been waiting and waiting to take it for a spin. We hit some of our favorites from the SF menu (sand dabs, Louie salad) and an unusual opportunity to compare crab cakes (the "coast to coast" crab cake app with one dungeness and one lump cake.) Excellent food, excellent service. Seeing that the carrot cake was pre-sliced and waiting under shrink wrap in the fridge should probably have deterred us from ordering dessert, but it didn't, and no re
  8. He specified today in his chat that the Top 10 in the Dining Guide this year is "favorites" and not "bests", and rightly so, because otherwise Komi at #9 is an outrage.
  9. I've generally scoffed at repeated complaints that Sietsema is too quick to recommend Rasika over and over in his chats, because his opinion is what the Post pays him for, and if he likes the place, why shouldn't he say so? But then today when someone asked for a dinner recommendation and specifically said they'd already been to Rasika, his response was to recommend Rasika West End, and I'm done scoffing.
  10. We live close to here and have made it through about half the menu, including all the dumplings, which are definitely the highlight. Chicken's at the top of the list, and the shrimp is a nice change of pace every once in a while -- small whole shrimp, not chunks or paste, very nice. The scallion pancakes are also a big hit in our household with both adults and the toddler. Entrees are most definitely hit or miss, but our regular order is moo shu pork and kung pao chicken, very straight-up renditions in the American Chinese style. Delivery is the way to go as the atmosphere of the restaurant it
  11. Could anyone who's been here recently on a weekend evening speak to whether the restaurant seems kid-friendly enough to bring a party of 4 adults with a probably-but-not-definitely sleeping eight-month-old? Since it's not truly deli it's hard to get a bead on how formal the place is, and how crowded the dining room might be during prime time.
  12. Maialino brunch is truly excellent and takes reservations. Ricotta pancakes are a must. (Some portions can be scanty but the ricotta pancakes are far beyond one person's appetite.) If they're full up, I'd try Hundred Acres and then Locanda Verde. Hundred Acres in particular prides themselves on their cocktails.
  13. It's too bad there's no bar dining at Del Posto anymore, but if you liked Craft, the Tap Room at Colicchio & Sons is at least on the right side of town and I think they'd have space on the early side. (Can't vouch personally, haven't been yet, but it looks like a potential match.) Other ideas, with varying degrees of geographical feasibility: A Voce Columbus? Esca? Maialino? Bar Room at the Modern? (Free corkage there on Sundays.) Otto and Lupa are always nice on Sunday afternoon too, but it sounds like you want to go a little higher-end. If you like Thai and don't mind paying for it, H
  14. Not sure if you're still pondering options, but our recent visit to Del Posto was truly excellent, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for your party. Other than a 1/2-hour wait for an 8:30 reservation (not fun, but smoothed somewhat by apologies and complimentary prosecco), there wasn't one false note all evening. Formal but not stuffy atmosphere, excellent service, and every bite a winner. If it's possible for a $95/pp 5-course menu to be a bargain, this one's it. (Plus, what a nice change to have plenty of space between tables. That plus live piano music makes the setting feel extra-lux
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