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Dublin Roasters Coffee, Serina Roy's Coffee Emporium at 1780 N. Market Street in Frederick

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Dublin Roasters is overdue for its own topic here on donrockwell.com.  Of course, that assumes I didn't miss one despite searching for it.  ;)

Up in Frederick today, I'd been meaning to visit Dublin since i first learned about it a year or so ago.  Great shop.

The owner, Serina Roy, is a former Frederick police officer with a love for coffee.  Though she's been roasting coffee for more than 15 years, I'm not exactly sure how long Dublin has been operating. At least several years as its current location is its second.

They seem to source beans very carefully from a mix of direct relationships with farmers and through wholesalers.  The roasting operation centers on a 65 lb roaster visible from the counter.  The woman staffing the counter today, Taylor, couldn't have been any nicer or more accomodating.

We tried an espresso which, served in a coffee cup rather than a demitasse, tasted more like coffee than espresso but was excellent. I ordered a french press (they don't do pourovers) of a Yemeni coffee since coffee from Yemen isn't too common in shops in this country.  it was pretty good and probably would have been even better had I had a bit more patience before depressing the plunger (one of a few reasons why I prefer hand pours). They have a large variety of coffees and I love, love, love how accommodating they are. They'll brew anything they have to order if you ask.  It really bums me out when I'm in shops around the country who'll be selling 6 or 7 different beans at retail but will only brew one for you. That's not so uncommon and highly annoying.

The space is great. Huge. Free and good WiFi. Lots of old sofas and comfy chairs.  And, it's all situated about 2 miles from downtown Frederick so plenty of parking and space inside the former motorcycle wearhouse.

Definitely worth a stop when in Frederick.  Very cool. I'm a fan.

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