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Happy New Year


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With a special thanks to the indispensable lperry (and of course Pat, both of whom are essential to this community to an extent which nobody realizes - please thank them, repeatedly, throughout the year, for all they do here).

New Years Eve Calendar

Yes, lperry maintains this ALL THE TIME. Make it your New Years resolution to Bookmark Our Calendar!

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I also want to thank our members for reviewing something on the order of 1,100 Washington, DC area restaurants in 2013. (If you do the simple math, we have 50 threads per page, and you have to go to page 23 to go before 2013 - yes, some of the threads are things like "Restaurants Accommodating Food Allergies," but the vast majority are individual restaurants).

That is a *lot* of restaurants. I was hoping to tell everyone that I've tagged every single thread since January 1st, but I only made it back to page 21 - close, but no cigar.

Thank you again for our best year ever, and I vow to redouble my efforts to serve you to the best of my abilities in 2014.


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