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  1. the marinara from etto is my favorite dish in DC forever. there seems to be confusion about the two-stage dish. 1) we have the ara yaki, which ARE the offcuts of (usually) sea bream, salmon, shima aji, and whatever other whole fish we get. ara means "offcuts" and yaki means grill or broil. 2) the fish we offer in two stages is the aji tataki, which is a whole horse mackerel from japan. we filet and serve it raw with grated ginger and we present it on the spine so it looks like a whole fish. after the sashimi is eaten, we take back the spine and head and fry it and serve it again. the spine of horse mackerel (as well as many other bluefish varieties, like sardines) is very brittle so you can eat the bones if they are fried or dried out enough.
  2. sorry i wasn't there to say hi! i'm in japan for a month doing a stage. the ara yaki dish is not a regular item because it's dependent on the sashimi we get in. you're always welcome to shoot us an email or call if you want to come in specifically to try it.
  3. your trip sounds lovely! last time i was in tokyo i stumbled on kanda matsuya and had a lovely soba lunch. it's been around since 1884 and is just as good as the very famous kanda yabu soba shop, in the same neighborhood.. it's not terribly far from jimbocho den where i apprenticed and will apprentice again for a month (!!) this summer. i hope if you ever go back to tokyo, you'll consider dining at DEN. (www.jimbochoden.com) i'm going to look into kushiage isa!
  4. haha. i was just going to send this to you. you're not the only one to recognize the awesomeness of this dish!
  5. ha! good to know my liberal arts education still comes in handy :-)
  6. Is there any particular reason why izakaya is written with a captal I? i know foreign words should be in italics (...i do not have access to this function). it's not a pronoun....am i forgetting some grammatical rule?
  7. i can't believe there is no thread for meats and foods. they opened quietly in august 2013. they were previously supplying several bars and eateries under the name "13th st. meats" while working out of the kitchen at pharmacy bar but they finally opened a brick-and-mortar shop at the corner of Florida St. NW and 3rd St. NW. they offer a rotating and fairly wide variety of sausages, including half smokes, thai basil chicken, brats, a roasted poblano, and chorizo. everything is made at the shop. they can be consumed there or taken home. i love their sausages. they have been well tested and the care and love is evident. but what i really love right now is their vegan dog and vegan chili. this is far superior than anything else in DC, including ben's regular chili cheese dog. the vegan dog has the best texture. it's primarily gluten mixed with smashed black eye peas and garbanzo beans. they offer a small but choice selection of beverages. mexican cola, DC Brau, broadbent vinho verde. did i forget to mention that the sausage sandwiches on martin's potato rolls are all $6??? add ons, like sauerkraut and gordy's pickles can run you an additional $0.35-$0.50. you can also order a bowl of chili for $5. any 4 links to go are $10. they started ofering house made bacon for $5. they don't appear to have a website but they are active on facebook and instgram and will post their menu once a week on instagram.
  8. if you enjoy a beefeater martini, you might also like jensen's london dry. it's a new gin i discovered last year and there's a great story behind it (http://www.bermondseygin.com/). it's rumored to be the original beefeater recipe before beefeater became big. i was a steadfast beefeater consumer until i discovered jensen's.
  9. There's Sushi Seki in that neighborhood. We're not related. It's supposed to be decent but I've never had a chance to go. Otherwise, when I'm in that area, I prefer to check out the many izakayas around there. They tend to be a little more mellow and grown up (unlike the places around St. Mark's) because of all the Japanese NY offices and the UN. Torishin is yakitori and I really like it.
  10. Thanks for the shout out. I <3 Julien and Eat the Rich too. Delighted to be considered in the same camp.
  11. jca76, i feel the same way! and am very excited to dine at riverstead in october. thank you for the very thoughtful post. i have some vague notion of what to look forward to but you're the first to post a very thorough and thoughtful description of your experience.
  12. Jen, thank you for the kind words and your patience! We're back tomorrow from a much needed rest....although my version of "rest" was working as a stage in Tokyo :-)
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