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"Robin's Theme" (1966) - From the "Batman and Robin" Album, Featuring The Sun Ra Arkestra


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We had this album lying around the house when I was a small child, and of course I listened to it as a Batman fan.

I didn't know who Sun Ra was back then, but even as a child still in the single digits, I knew that this was a cheap, cash-in album, and that "Robin's Theme" was absolute filler, with "lyrics" so bad that they seemed impossible.

It has been over forty years since I've heard this song, and while the guitar jamming is actually impressive and fun, the lyrics are every bit as terrible as what I remember - they're enough to make KC and the Sunshine Band seem like Chaucer, and I think there might be a total of three words used.

You can actually picture Batman doing this completely, embarrassingly lame white-boy dance ...

... to this:

At around the 45-second mark, you're going to say to yourself, "Oh my God, is this going to get better?" It doesn't.

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Did the chick in that video have a one time role in a Star Trek episode?  DanielK, you reading this?

That video is too much.  I watched Batman in my youth, and I feel like I recall that particular show and scene.   The actress is Jill St John.  I don't believe she was in Star Trek.

 The dance scene with Batman was too much.  A riot.  When he rolled his fingers across and in front of his eyes it made me think of this somewhat better dance scene with Uma Thurman and John Travolta;

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