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Balduccis' 20% Off


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I had no problem using it in the Alexandria store on Saturday. The guy in front of me had one too! Incidentally, all of the Capogiro gelato was gone. The cashier cashier caught me a bit off guard when she asked, "what kind of questions were in the survey?"


"Umm, err, you know, the usual questions asking about my shopping preferences" was the best that I could come up with....

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Are we really allowed to print out as many coupons as we need and go back repeatedly to take advantage of the offer?

If so, seems too good to be true! I better open up some room in the freezer for the Capogiro.

There's nothing preventing you from using them multiple times, unless you're there so often that they start to recognize you... I doubt that their computers maintain a list of credit card numbers and associate them with whether or not you've used the coupon. Besides, I imagine that they're still making plenty of money on our purchases, even with the 20% off!
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