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Bullfrog Bagels, NY Style bagels Now @ Star & Shamrock, on H St., NE

DC Deb

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If I were a regular reader of Eater DC, popville, Y&H, or any of the other trendy websites I wouldn't've walked into Cork market last weekend thinking I could buy a single bagel.  As everyone has reported, Bullfrog Bagels are hot [trendy].  They sold out immediately.  I was told to show up at 8:00 Sunday morning if I wanted to be sure to get one.  Instead, I pre-ordered a dozen and picked them up last Friday.

Damn, they're good.  They do freeze well.

One source reports that Cohen is actively looking for a storefront.  DC Deb, will you please keep us posted on when and where he might pop up next?  Diane at Cork said they'd probably have them again later in June or July, but wasn't yet sure.

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[There are two threads that need to be merged, but I'm not sure where the other one is; in restaurants and dining?]

When you google "bullfrog bagels donrockwell.com" both threads pop up.  I posted in this one because it seemed to be about the bagels, whereas the other one was focused on that H street store in particular.  Not sure if it warrants two separate threads if they are basically both a retailer and a wholesaler.

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