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FDA Bans Wooden Cutting Boards (Don't Think It Couldn't Happen)


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but i bet the giant cheese factories of Wisconsin, California etc don't give a sjhit because they age their cheese in 40# blocks in cases.  While this practice can be used to make a great cheese, factory cheesemaking doesn't need wood, doesn't need care and drives our regulation of the cheese business.

By the way, lovers of raw milk cheese, the 60 day standard is buillshit too, pulled out of the agencies ass arbitralily.  Some cheese are clean after 60 days, some far less.  It is all a well known function of time, pH and moisture content.

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So if you age Mimolette on a wooden rack, do the penalties double, or do they cancel each other out?

And wouldn't the Penicillin in a blue-veined cheese conquer the bacteria on wooden aging racks? Or have the bacteria become resistant to Penicillin because of all the antibiotics they pump into our government-subsidized, corn-based, livestock feed?

These lobbyists and bureaucrats should be forced to eat an entire ball of mimolette, and become so constipated that defecation would be akin to having a baby out of your ass, or shitting a brick, quite literally. Then again, they're already so full of it that it probably wouldn't make any difference.

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