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Three Blonde Bakers (Formerly The Parlour and Fudge Factory), Bethany Beach, DE - Ocean City, MD Outlet of Fudge Factory Closed

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Well, I'm off to Ocean City for our annual summer vacation and I was looking forward to all of those good, but bad for you things I love to sample at the beach. I thought a thread sharing our OC beach favs would be fun as most of the food is shlock, but there are lots of junk food and hidden gems.

Here are my favs:

Junk Food


Candy Kitchen - good fudge (the Starbucks of OC, one on every corner almost)


What are your favorites?

I much prefer Fudge Factory 118th Street or Bethany Beach Boardwork.

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Fudge Factory reopened this year as The Parlour, "Home Of The Original Fudge Factory."

I've spent an absurd amount of time researching this one thing, but here goes:

* When Fudge Factory became The Parlour in 2014, I believe the 118th Street branch in Ocean City closed, and only the Bethany Beach branch converted to The Parlour. I'm not sure about this at all - in fact, I'm only taking an educated guess based on what little information I've found on the internet, and poking around on Google Maps - I can't find *anything* other than a Yelp thread saying that Fudge Factory on 118th Street is closed (it says nothing about an ownership change, or a name change).

* The Parlour "Home of the Original Fudge Factory" opened in Bethany Beach (and I think *only* in Bethany Beach) in early April, 2014:


* The owners changed the name to Three Blonde Bakers "Home of the Original Fudge Factory," and I'm not sure exactly when. Looking over their Facebook Page, it seems like the name change was almost transparent; nevertheless, it is now called "Three Blonde Bakers," but their website remains "fudgefactoryonline."

* I like the name "Three Blonde Bakers" - it has a ring to it, and is memorable. And, I also like "Fudge Factory Online" as a website, as that implies (at least in my mind) nationwide shipping. Taken in tandem, I think they both work really well.

Well, the 2016 season begins on Mar 26th - good luck to the the three blonde bakers! And if you stumble across this post, please feel free to join our community, as everyone in the Washington, DC - Baltimore corridor will be reading what you post here. You'll be embraced with open arms as members. Cheers!

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