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Aqua Terra, American Small Plates With An Emphasis on Seafood, and Live Jazz at 164 Main Street in Annapolis - Closed

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I didn't see any thread on Annapolis in general, so I thought I would start one since I had a nice meal there this afternoon.

Aqua Terra, near the top of the hill on Main St - not the typical "traditional Annapolis" feel on the inside and not the typical "crabcake and burger" menu either.

I had a pulled bbq pork taco appetizer - two big fried wonton like shells with a healthy portion of shreeded duck in a smoky, hoisin based sauce with pickled carrots and radishes - and a crab salad - a fairly basic green salad in a good creamy dijon dressing and a heaping pile of jumbo lump crabmeat dressed in the same dressing. Aside from a few wedges of cottonny spring tomatoes this was a nice salad. But the duck was the highlight.

Worth a stop if you're walking up and down Main st. some day and don't want a corned beef sandwich and vanilla malt at Chick and Ruth's across the street.

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After hitting up the MD Renn Faire last year, the girl and I decided to spend the remainder of the day in Annapolis, taking in the beautiful sights. This is where we stopped to eat and I second the bbq duck taco, it was terrific. As a guy who loves barbecue, duck, and tacos this dish felt like it was especially concocted solely for my own personal consumption. I have no idea what my main course was, and I don't care. :D

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