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The wedding planning has begun. Ah, delightful stress. Since it's still early, we're mostly throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Today's idea: croquembouche.

It's the French traditional wedding cake -- not cake at all, but a heap of profiteroles (tiny cream puffs) filled with custard or cream, piled up in a pyramid and decorated with spun sugar. Mostly they look like this.

Has anyone seen one of these locally? Any ideas for potential providers? I'm not sure it's a good idea yet, but it's unusual, and bound to be tasty. I would do it myself if I weren't going to be busy, y'know, bride-ing.

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One of my favorite Julia Child viewings was when Martha Stewart had Julia as a guest on her ((Martha's) show, and they made croquembouches side by side.

Martha's was tight, perfectly neat and orderly, and Julia's was chaotic and stacked sort of willy-nilly. But good ol' Julia was high-spirited (probably literally as well as figuratively) and having a great time, while Martha was smug, as usual.

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