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Kapao Asian Kitchen - Jenny and Richard Pao's Taiwanese-Owned Pan-Asian Fusion on Waxpool Road in Ashburn

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Kapao is located off Waxpool Road, in the same complex as Five Guys, V Restaurant & Bar, and a few other places. I've been meaning to write about them for a while, and I'm kind of glad I waited, as they just changed their menu.

They do both take-out and sit-down and it's kind of set up like many take-out joints - you order right at the front, and then there's an aisle to walk down by the side of the open kitchen, and you pick up your own silverware and fill your own drink if you eat in. I tend to go in a bit late, so there's never really been a line.

They're very big on being "fresh" and "natural". Whatever their marketing pitch is, I've become a huge fan of their food. It tastes much lighter than almost any other Asian food I've had in the area, even when it's something like their version of General Tso's chicken (General Kapao). You can pick a 1-5 rating of spiciness when you order. The last time I picked 3 it about killed me, but I think I'm ready to try it again.

It's a bit pricier than my other usual Asian sit-down place (I average under $10 before tip at Chin Chin Cafe down the street, and here it's usually just under $14) but to be honest, I feel better after eating here. It's good stuff.

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