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Children's Dining Areas

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This is a separate thread than Child-Friendly Restaurants (also in Philadelphia) since it's about such a specific item.

Yeah, I forgot about the kids' room at Paradiso, which came in handy a few years back. Mom and Dad could actually enjoy most of a meal as a date, if the kids behaved in that room.

The supervised children's dining area at Paradiso must be a God-send to weary parents. I cannot imagine how many grateful moms and dads would appreciate things such as this in their neighborhood restaurants.

Having spent many a meal with a baby, worrying about high chairs, scoping out the changing tables, purposely going to noisy restaurants, whisking the child out the door so you don't bother other patrons, carrying the baby up and down sidewalks, taking turns being outside so the other exhausted parent can eat in peace for a few minutes - even though it means eating alone - and going to restaurants you wouldn't normally frequent (e.g., Cactus Cantina which was absolutely in my rotation when Matt was a baby) ... having done this, I know for a fact that a separate, *supervised*, children's dining area would have had such enormous gravitational pull that I probably would have gone to Paradiso weekly.

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I didn't see Fireflies in Del Ray (Alexandria) listed in 'child-friendly', but they have a nice separate play area, with TONS of toys.  It's not supervised, except that you can watch your child from your table, while enjoying your food and drink, quite easily.

I'd love to hear about any restaurants with play-areas, unsupervised or not, the only other in the area I am familiar with is Joe's Crab Shack in Fairfax.

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