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Hey Folks!


Just want to take a moment to invite you all to Ripe. A DC Artisanal Cheese Party on March 22, 2015 from 1-3pm at Right Proper Brewing Company!

Ripe is a fun and rustic gathering of cheesemakers, cheesemongers, chefs, and cheese lovers at Right Proper Brewing Company in DC's historic Shaw neighborhood. 

Join us in celebrating talented artisanal cheesemakers and the delicious products they craft by hand. Learn more about the cheeses you love and discover new favorites while mingling with the who's who of local cheese and enjoying craft beer by Right Proper Brewing Company.  

Five local cheesemakers and importers will walk you through their very special, handcrafted products. Right Proper Chef Sarah Biglan will be creating delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and cheesy bites. Right Proper Cheesemongers Tim Lake and Caleb Shoenhard will man fondue and raclette stations. A beer and cheese education station will offer guides to the perfect pairing. Plus! Taste the first ever cheese washed in a Right Proper beer by Crown Finish Caves.

This is a great opportunity for any food professional or cheese lover to taste and learn a ton about cheese from the producers and importers themselves! Chefs and retailers will receive special discounts on cheese orders placed at Ripe!

Here are the cheesemakers/affineurs/importers attending the event so far:

  • Caromont Farm (VA)
  • PA Bowen Farmstead (MD)
  • Vulto Creamery (NY)
  • Crown Finish Caves (NY)
  • Essex St Cheese Company (importers of L'Amuse Signature Gouda, Marcel Petite Comte, Cravero Parmigiano, and many more)
  • Columbia Cheese (importers of Challerhocker, Mycella Blue, Der Scharfe Maxx, and many more)

Ticket price is $25 per person, including all you can eat cheese, 3 beer samples, tax and gratuity.  Space is limited, so sign up soon! To learn more about Ripe, click here!

Thanks folks! Hope to see you there!

Katie Carter

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Definitely thinking about this - anyone else going?

For anyone who doesn't know Katie: I can promise you that she's the crème de la crème of area cheesemongers - she has peers, but no superiors, has spent extensive time on a farm doing everything from milking cows to cheddaring curds (yes, it's a verb), and was part of the holy trinity of cheesemongers at Arrowine along with Perry Soulos and the legendary Aldo Molina.

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This was a good event, tons of cheese to taste.  It truly was all you could eat cheese and the volume of people cleared out within an hour as people had their fill and moved on. 

Say hi next time.

I agree - the $25 was a bargain for the 3 beer tastes and unlimited cheese. Thor and team are doing some great ales at Right Proper.

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agreed it was a great event. I've been to plenty of tastings where it's hard to get samples and the crowd is suffocating. this was the appropriate amount of people, and $25 was a bargain. they gave my wife and me each an extra beer sample ticket because our last name is a good "beer name" -- it's spelled similar to a style of beer. and after a couple of beer samples my wife wanted to drink cider instead so I got her tickets. I wanted a couple of other people to come but they tried to get tickets after it sold out. we left around 2:30 because we were stuffed, but I imagine if we had a group we would have stayed longer to chat.

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@Deac my quote is not working - but speaking of tickets, my wife "lost" two of her's and they gave her two more tickets, when she found her tickets in her pocket she returned the extra - it was very nice they were willing to replace the "lost" tickets considering how ripe for abuse that could be.

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