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Taqueria El Mexicano, Taqueria at Riggs. Road and University Blvd. E. in Langley Park

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I heard about this via Todd Klinman in the Washingtonian.

I think it also got a shout out in the recent cheap eats edition of the magazine as well.

Anyway I was craving tacos and convinced my husband we needed to do a midweek taco run. We got the lengua, chorizo and al pastor taco. All three were great. We also got a chille relleno. it came fried order and was accompanied by beans rice and these delicious, possibly homemade tortilas. (Tacos seem to be made with store bought tortillas that were thinner). Meal was accompanied by radishes and a trio of delicious spicy salsas. My favorite was a salsa verde with avocado

Place is very affordable. Service was quick and friendly.

7811 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20783

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The tacos are ironically not what makes this place so great.

Go for the mole poblano, the adobo puerco rojo, the chile relleno, lots of their fresh tortillas.

Apparently there is a woman that does some (or supplies some) of the cooking for this place but not all of it. Her food is the one to get. It's very, very good.

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