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The Wine Specialist - Closed


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is at The Wine Specialist, 2115 M st NW on Sat. 16 Dec. 4-7PM

this house was bought by Veuve-Clicquot in 1978 and promptly taken out of the US market. LVMH decided

to sell the house a couple years ago and now it's back as an independant brand! drop by and have a glass!

free !!

bugsy will be pouring, please say howdy!

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Wine Specialist at 22nd and M seems to be in trouble if not closed for good. People on another board said a seizure notice from DC was posted on the door. People speculate that the reason appears to be unpaid taxes but this has not been independently confirmed. Makes sense though. I also heard from a colleague that it was closed. The website is active as of now anyway.

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When i worked in Lafayette Center, I think I went to this place once or twice. Most of the time, I'd go to Bell's and have a great time with the brothers there. The days when i'd bring a luggage cart to work and haul a case of very drinkable French vino to my car from Bells that I scored for a pittance. My boss even started doing it.

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