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Urban Farmer, "Rustic Meets Chic"-Themed Steakhouse in the Logan Hotel off Logan Square

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I attended a large business dinner at Urban Farmer recently.  The hotel looks really nice and the restaurant has a good vibe, but the service was slow and generally terrible, the steaks (grass fed NY strip) were noticeably under seasoned, and the rest of the food was nothing out of the ordinary.  I did have brunch here on a different occasion and had a much better experience.

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I had dinner at their Portland, OR, location a few years ago. Details are fuzzy at this point but I remember an amazing cheese cart and a knowledgable fromagier (if that's a word).

I didn't realize Sage Restaurant Group was an out-of-state company. They're based in Colorado, but Urban Farmer only has locations in Portland, Philadelphia, and Cleveland - this is unusual, and I wonder if this company is consultancy-only - they seem to run quite a few restaurants, all connected to hotels.

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