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Bob Moses (2011-) - Canadian-Born, Brooklyn-Based Electronic-Band Duo Featuring Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie


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I'll admit, watching electronic bands perform is dull - No matter what extra instruments they bring on stage...watching people twist knobs on mixers, punch in loops on a computer, or play some chords on a keyboard.  Yawn.

Bob Moses is such a band, but they are in the midst of blowing up.  Sultry deep house vibe, dreamy vocals played over spare keyboards and guitar.  

They just had a big weekend:  An Essential Mix debut and the release of a live set on KEXP.

In January, they made their live TV debut on ... The Ellen Show.  Apparently she was driving and heard one of their songs on the radio and immediately booked them for her show.

Later this year they are playing both weekends at Coachella.

Their Inner City Odyssey mix is particularly strong.

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