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Auld Lang Cuisine

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On 8/2/2016 at 5:03 PM, DaveO said:

Oh my goodness, is *Sunset* still open in Glen Burnie? I was last there *thirty* years ago! They were known for a soup - I can't remember what, but it might have been Cream of Crab - and it was really tasty to my 24-year-old palate.

I could Google this, but don't want to spoil it ... I wonder if Buell's (with their Maryland Crab Soup) is still open in Ellicott City, or what used to be called Ellicott City (Route 40 near the Baltimore Beltway). I was last there when Allview Estates in Columbia had an Ellicott City mailing address.

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5 hours ago, JDawgBBall9 said:

Sunset is still open and still does what it does.....might be fun for you to revisit.

I grew up in Ellicott City and had never heard of Buell's. Looks like it was sold in 1992 or 1993. I googled the address and have no idea where it was.

Do you know where Forty West Racquet Club is? (Unless you play tennis, probably not - it was around there.)

Just don't let this ape hustle you if you're ever there.


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