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The Charmery, David and Laura Alima's Playful and Outstanding Ice Cream in Several Area Locations

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I am stunned not to find a thread for my favorite ice cream place in the world. This is --- hands down --- the best ice cream I have ever had.

I appreciate that they're willing to go out on a limb with flavors, even if sometimes, they are a huge miss. But, they do reliably good to great work with the berry flavors (strawberry and raspberry, in particular), and the banana flavors are stunningly good when they are on the menu.

The liqueur flavors are generally excellent too; a Fernet flavor was noteworthy, despite being runny (they admit it is due to the alcohol content).

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My favorite flavor to date is the ice cream sandwich, although the recent running of Thiakry is taking that spot. The unusual mix is composed of couscous , sour cream, raisins, and spices. It comes across as carrot cake delivered as ice cream. With 3 locations around Baltimore, its hard not make a stop here while in the area. Delish. 

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