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Houston, TX Restaurant Guide - Best Restaurants in Houston


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The Date of this Dining Guide does not reflect its currency! It changes constantly, and is rewritten into an existing place - occasionally, I'll save a copy, and update the date.

iPhone users, follow these steps to create a Houston Dining Guide quasi-app:

1) Bring up this webpage.
2) Tap this image on the bottom of the screen
3) Tap "Add Bookmark."

Voila! Your own free (kind of, sort of) app in less than 30 seconds!


Please feel free to contact me with any typos, suggestions, corrections, or comments.

In order to ensure future access to this dining guide, simply become a participating member of donrockwell.com.

Go back and read the previous sentence ten times: none of the restaurants covered in this guide serve a free lunch, and there is a very high likelihood that this guide will revert to being a reward for our participating members even though that means limiting readership (which, by definition, makes this website less popular). Our members - the ones who post here - are our life-blood, and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. It's very easy to sit back with a cup of coffee and read through all the content here; it takes effort to write and add content, and I want our participating members to know how much I appreciate them - I can't say it enough. Please register, post in the Please Introduce Yourselves thread, and then know that your simple actions have just supported this website which cannot go on without you - it takes less than five minutes, it's absolutely free, and your information is safeguarded and remains private. And if you're already a participating member, allow me to say thank you - the best thing you can do for us is to tell a friend about donrockwell.com (again, another simple action that only takes a few minutes).


Readers: After endless searching, I'm convinced that there doesn't exist a single good, well-delineated map of Houston neighborhood maps on the entire internet - one that clearly marks the street boundaries of each neighborhood. Of course, there is overlap between neighborhoods, and the borders are fuzzy, but I couldn't find one single map that dared even attempt. If you know of one, or, if you see clear mistakes in my geographical listings, would you please write me and let me know? Thank you!

Please read the above paragraph: I need help with organizing this guide!

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Inside the Loop, Clockwise

Near Northside - Map
Gerardo's Drive In - Facebook - map

Downtown - Map
Xochi (Marriott Marquis)  - website - @XochiHou - map

EaDo - Map
Huynh - website - map
Nancy's Hustle - website - Twitter - Instagrammap

Midtown - Map
Luna y Sol - websitemap
Weights and Measures - website - @wmhtx - map
Reef and 3rd Bar - Closed

Montrose - Map
BCN Taste & Tradition - website - map
Cuchara - website - @cucharahouston - map 
Da Marco - website - map
Emmaline - website - map
Hugo's - website - map
Nobie's - website - map
Paulie's - website - @pauliepetro - map
The Pit Room - website - @ThePitRoomBBQ - map
Riel - website - Facebook - map
Roost - website - Facebook - @iloveroost - map
Tacos Tierra Caliente - Facebook - @TTCfoodtruck - map
Underbelly - website - @UnderbellyHOU - map
see also Mala Sichuan Bistro

Rice Village - Map
Pokéology - website - map

Greenway / Upper Kirby - Map
Kata Robata - website - map
Pondicheri - website - @pondicherimap

Lazybrook / Timbergrove - Map
Karbach Brewing - website - @karbachbrewing - map

Houston Heights - Map
Coltivare - website - @ColtivareHTX - map
Field and Tides - website - map
Golden Bagels & Coffee - website - @goldenbagelshtxmap
Kukuri - website - Facebook - map
La Fondita Michoacán - Facebook - map
Nam Eatery Vietnamese Cafe - website - map
Pinkerton's Barbecue - website - Facebook - map
Ritual - website - @RitualHoustonmap
Skinny Rita's Grille - website - @srgrille - map
Star Fish - website - @starfishhtx - map
Willow's Texas BBQ - Facebook - map
see also Local FoodsPho BinhSamurai Noodle
The Corkscrew - 1308 W. 20th St. - Closed
Foreign Correspondents - 4721 N. Main St. - Closed

Outside the Loop, Inside the Beltway, Clockwise

Chinatown - Map
Cajun Kitchen - website - Facebookmap
Crawfish and Noodles - website (Broken as of Mar 6, 2017) - Facebook - map
Star Snow Ice & Teriyaki - (713) 779-8886 - map
see also Mala Sichuan Bistro

Uptown - Map
EatZi's Market & Bakery - 1702 Post Market Blvd. - Closed

Memorial - Map
Izakaya Wa - website - map
Laurenzo's - website - @Laurenzos4412 - map

Outside the Beltway, Clockwise

Pearland - Map
Killen's Texas Barbecue - website - @killensbbq - map

Katy - Map
Shish Kabob Cafe - website - map

see also Samurai Noodle

Simonton - Map
Roper's Country Store and Café - Facebook - map

Multiple Locations (* = Individual Locations Referenced)

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot - website - (Westheimer, Bellaire)
Mala Sichuan Bistro - Facebook - @MalaSichuan - (Chinatown, Montrose *)

Hubcap Grill - website - @Hubcap_Grill - (3-5 area locations)

Samurai Noodle - website - @SamuraiNoodleTX - (The Heights, Katy *)

Local Foods - website - (3-5 area locations)

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse - website - @PappasBros - (3-5 area locations)

Phở Bình - website - (3-5 area locations)

Everything Else (Cuisines, Specific Items, Resources, Discussions, Etc.)

Where Do I Find It?

To Eat
Bánh Mì // Breakfast Tacos // Hot Guts // Poke

To Drink
Wine Bars

To Experience
James Beard Awards - 2018 // Eater's 38 Essential Houston Restaurants // Houston Chronicle Top 100 Restaurants - 2016 // Oldest Restaurants in the Houston Area

To Discuss
Cell Phones in Restaurants

Outside of Houston, Clockwise

Caldwell County - Map

Lockhart - Map
Smitty's Market - website - map

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