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1 hour ago, Simul Parikh said:

Definitely people get store made paneer in bricks. Most indian stores have them. Most buffets use the store bought stuff. You can tell when they use it. Mom used to cheat with that once in a while, but it just takes some milk and lemon juice and some time to make it. Pretty easy, all things considering with Indian food. In dissent, i had a decent meal there the other night. Chicken vindaloo and another chicken dish.

I hardly get paneer dishes out any longer, rarely is it that good. 

I myself have never been a big fan of paneer.  I do not like seeing it in palaak. 

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Paneer is available and cheap at the Restaurant Depot. Large versions of smaller packages you find in Indian stores. I am not a fan -- but they are fine in a pinch for non-discerning diners (sorry). And yes, your description is very accurate. 

I can buy paneer at Brookville in Cleveland Park, so it's readily available.  The stuff at Brookville is rather dense, but is fine when cubed and pan seared to crisp it up.  I'll have to try making it from scratch again.   

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