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Raw-Milk Butter and Milk - Non-Pasteurized Dairy Products Available for Pet Use

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16 hours ago, Sundae in the Park said:

I found this tidbit about the prohibition of Irish butter sales in WI to be interesting. Poor Wisconsonites, no Kerrygold for you! Hope their lawsuit works out!

Please remember Organic Pastures. I don't know where they ship to now (DIShGo?), but there is raw-milk butter available in the United States.

--- Separate Topic:

You should read the following sentence 5,000 times, and commit it to memory: I recently purchased two liters of unpasteurized milk (which was labeled "For Animal Use Only"), and gave it to my pet.

Whatever you do, read that previous paragraph as many times as you need to, and write me if you'd like - but, this invitation is only available to people with 10+ posts (and I don't mean in 2005). If you haven't been participating in this community, don't bother trying to get information from me as to where to buy raw milk.

If you've been an active member of this community, I'll be happy to help you.

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For several years, I've belonged to a buying club through which I've purchased unpasteurized milk and dairy products directly from a local (within 150 miles) farmer. I have complete confidence in the safety of the food, having met the farmer in person and having spoken with trusted individuals who have visited his farm.

One must know one's source thoroughly and have total confidence in the safety measures in place (independent lab testing of every batch of milk, for example).


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