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Branded Saloon - Western Themed Corner Bar, 603 Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights

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The Branded Saloon is a corner neighborhood bar with a somewhat kitschy Western theme - wagon wheel chandelier, stuffed animals heads mounted on the wall, you get the picture.  The small front room has a friendly looking bar and stools along with a handful of booths.  The back room hosts live music and other events nightly and the basement has a pool table.  A small patio area is out front for a sunny day.  

The Brussel sprout hash with bacon, potatoes, poached eggs, garlic cilantro hollandaise made for a good brunch dish, the accompanying "white toast" was supermarket quality and had spent maybe 10 seconds near a toaster.  Very good Bloody Mary.  The beer list skewed local. 

I'm not sure anyone would go out of their way to go to the Branded Saloon, but it's the sort of neighborhood bar that should be supported.   

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