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Fava Pot apparently started as a food truck.  It then spun off a restaurant in Falls Church, in the same shopping center where my daughters take their swimming lessons.  I first became interested when I noticed they served beer/wine (the owner was raised Christian).  Hmm...that's a nice spot to chill while the kids flounder around in water.  Then I found raves by Tim Carman, Tyler Cowen,  and Washingtonian too (I think).

Anyhow, we tried the pickled eggplant with garlic, gollash, and breaded veal escalope.  The eggplant was neither hard nor smooshy, but it was pungent - reeking of garlic.  It's a wonderful dish, especially if you want to go stake out vampires afterwards.  The gollash is a "beef pie made with buttery layers of flaky phyllo dough and stuffed with ground beef, onions, and spices."  It too was wonderful, but I have a nagging feeling lots of butter is a major contributing factor.  The breaded veal escalope is basically a wiener schnitzel, and it came with a side of macaroni bechamel ("pasta baked with a house-made creamy béchamel sauce and stuffed with ground beef with a little bit of tomato sauce").  The pasta is similar to moussaka.  I thought the veal was a little bland, and I don't really care for moussaka.

I give this place a half-hearted thumbs up.  On a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6 or 6.5.  I will give it at least one more try, because the menu is interesting and they serve booze.  

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